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Flipkart Paid Review Service – Boost E-commerce Sales in Genuine Way


Hello sellers, Hope you are doing well. Here we talk about Flipkart paid reviews, Why you need paid reviews on Flipkart, How Flipkart reviews effects on sales, How seller ratings work during order placing. Here we also discuss how to boost your sales in a genuine way.

As you know Flipkart is one of the top E-commerce site in India. Many sellers sell their many products on Flipkart. Almost all products available on Flipkart. Now when you launch your brand on Flipkart then in this crowd no one knows you. Because, same products selling by many sellers.

Flipkart Paid reviews need

Here we want to tell you how buyers buy online on Flipkart

  1.  Buyer search for the product on Flipkart
  2. Now many products appear on the page
  3. The buyer chooses one of them which he likes.
  4. Now he sees Product ratings & reviews.
  5. If he satisfies with product reviews then he sees seller rating.
  6. If he also satisfies with seller ratings then he buys the product.

Now suppose you are a new seller and just upload your product then chances are high, no one see your product if see then no one buy. Because your product doesn’t have enough reviews. Here you need Flipkart paid review service because without a bunch of reviews no one buys your product. Your product does not have many reviews because no one buy. Here you see a deadlock creates. Because No one buys your product without reviews, and there is no review because no one buys your product.

So here Flipkart paid reviews service will help you which is provided by our company. Here we will help you to get enough positive reviews on Flipkart. Once reviews appear on your products then definitely you see a significant growth in your sales. Because if reviews are good then definitely it will affect the buyer’s mind.

As you know normal buyer on Flipkart can only raise a rating on Flipkart. Only certified buyer can put a review in text form. Here you need all certified buyer reviews which are provided by Phonug.

Negative reviews service on Flipkart

Reviews are not enough if there are multiple sellers on one product.
This gives an extra pain those sellers who genuinely works on Flipkart. How? Let’s see

  1. Seller A selling a good product at the genuine rate.
  2. Seller A gets good reviews from buyers because the product who sold is a quality product.
  3. Everything goes fine. Now another cheap seller B come on Flipkart and set a low price on that product.
  4. Now all things went wrong. because Seller B post a low rate so he got Buy now button.
  5. Now, Seller A sales goes down. because buyer preferred low price seller. Now no matter seller B send the duplicate or low-quality product. If Seller A wants to remove Seller B from his listing then Flipkart deny this request.

Now Seller A what to do. Here we help you if you are a seller A. As you know “Ishq aur pyar me sab jayaj hai“, “To Vyapar me bhi sab Jayaj hai“. Here Seller B selling low-quality product but Flipkart don’t remove seller B then don’t need to worry. Here you can hire us, we buy from seller B and put a negative feedback on that seller. When a buyer sees Seller B selling in low price but doesn’t have good seller rating then definitely buyer go with seller A.

Our team closely understand the Flipkart review system, their working, their algorithm works. We know how to do our work. We have a fully active 2500+ team members in all over India from various cities. So don’t need to worry about. We will help you to grow your business with the help of paid reviews on Flipkart.

Why need to go for paid Reviews on Flipkart

Why you go with Flipkart Paid review service?

In our India, A line is so popular. “Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai“.  So in short, No matter how your product is good or bad. Your product not sold on Flipkart until or unless you have good reviews or good fan following. That’s why its so important to build a good brand image through good reviews so you can boost your sales via Flipkart promotions programs. If you are looking for a good and experienced Flipkart paid review provider then we are here for your help. Phonug have 2500+ team members across all over India which is ready to buy your product and give a positive review on your product.

Phonug will help you to recover from multiple seller issues. No matter how many sellers available on your product, if other sellers have bad ratings and reviews then definitely you win the Buy Now button. No matter your price high from others. If you have the buy now button then selles automatically grow.

So here you see, Positive review how affects your business on Flipkart. Phonug have 2+ years experience in review industry. Our contributors know how to that. our engineers know how go.

So why you are still waiting. Contact Phonug Team  and sit relax We will grow your business.

Why Phonug for Flipkart Paid Reviews

Why Phonug for Flipkar Paid Reviews:

  • 2+ Year industry experience
  • Depth knowledge of Flipkart Algorithms
  • 63+ happy clients
  • 2500+ Contributors across all over India
  • Easy working process
  • Genuine Reviews

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