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Google Users List to Get Google Scratch Card Offer Cashback – Contact Exchange


As you know when you make a transaction of Rs. 150/- or above through Google Pay. You get a scratch card up to Rs. 1000/-

** Offer Terms

Make a transaction of Rs. 150 or more to earn a scratch card valued up to Rs. 1000/-. You can earn up to 3 scratch cards every week during the offer period.

** Offer Dates

Offer expires on 7 January 2019.

Steps to Find Buddy on Phonug:

  1. Login as a contributor from here
  2. Choose offer section from contributor menu.
  3. Now select this offer, and click on participate now button & fill your security deposit details.
  4. Now we received your application. We approve your application.
  5. Now you click on Find my buddy. We allot a buddy to you.
  6. Now make a transaction with the allotted buddy.
  7. Repeat step 5 & step 6,  until you did 3 transactions.
  8. Now raise a withdraw request.
  9. We refund your security money within 24 hrs.

You can read more about offer section working from here.

You can also watch the video:

Video guide offer section

Now don’t need to search WhatsApp group for Google Pay contact exchange. We at Phonug will help you to get all Google Pay cashback easily. Our system is fully secured. We provide unlimited Google Pay contacts. Google Pay scratch card trick, Google pay cashback tricks.


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