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How to Get Paid Reviews on Amazon India – Easy Way


Hello Sellers, hope you are doing well. Today we talk about paid reviews If you are a seller or a brand which are selling on India’s largest E-commerce portal Amazon and you need some reviews to grow up your sales on Amazon then Phonug will help you in this matter. Phonug.Com is the one-stop destination for your paid reviews on Amazon India.

Why we go for paid reviews on Amazon India:

As you know “Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai“, In Short, Many products are already available on Amazon India portal and  now you launch your product surely people buy old available products because they have a good bunch of reviews, No matter your product is good or not from them but users always deny new product. So Phonug has a solution for you. Once you launch a new product on Amazon India store, after that please contact us via this link. Send your requirements in detail one of our representative will contact you and discuss about all paid reviews which you want to on your Amazon listed product.
The second reason behind the paid reviews is more sellers availability on a single product. Suppose you are selling a unique product on Amazon India. Now after some time, another saller comes on Amazon and selling that product at very low price. Now your all business is gone because now you are not the only one seller for that particular product. You can’t remove that seller from that listing because Amazon thinking is

We respect a manufacturer’s right to enter into exclusive or selective distribution agreements, but we do not help to enforce these agreements. Enforcement of these agreements is a matter between the manufacturer and distributor.

So now Amazon not ready to that seller because you don’t have brand certificate / Trademark certificate, Suppose if you have then still they don’t remove because they think is a matter between the manufacturer and distributor. So now Amazon raise his hands. Now you need to do something. What? Yes, you go for paid reviews where our team book a order from that another seller and give bad reviews on Amazon that seller profile.  Now what happens? Suppose a new user come on Amazon portal and he see You are selling a product in Rs. 650/- and that another seller selling in Rs. 470/-. In this case, mostly peoples go for low prices but if the seller which are selling in low cost have bad reviews then its convert customer’s mind and he will go for the higher price to get a good product.

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Is Amazon block seller account on paid reviews:

Yes, If you do paid reviews on your level then chances are high to caught and if you caught by Amazon then surely you got a ban on Amazon. because if you do with your level then you place reviews from the same city or same pin code. This will an eye catchy moment for Amazon and you won’t imagine Amazon algorithms are too smart. They detect you and after that Amazon team will contact you or you receive a system generated warning email in your inbox.
Our team members are specialists they closely understand Amazon algorithms and also analysis product strategy and selling view at a glance. after deeply study we make a plan that how we are going for this product. Don’t worry about penalize from Amazon because our team experts in these paid reviews. We know how to do.

Why Phonug for Amazon paid reviews

Why Phonug.Com for paid Reviews on Amazon:

Phonug.Com have 1000+ Contributors team to handle your reviews for every corner of India. Once we receive your paid review request then our team analysis all the required details then we allot your paid reviews task to our contributors. Don’t worry about fake reviews because all reviews which you receive on Amazon are the real genuine review. because our contributor buys your product from Amazon and gives a positive review for your product. If you want to defame your competitive seller then they palace negative review on that seller as well.

We are experts in Paid reviews on Amazon so you can hire us. We are the best review earning website in India. Here we also share some parts of our profit to our contributors. So if you are looking for a paid review company which can help you in paid reviews on Amazon then Phonug will help you definitely. You can contact us via this form and we will get touch you soon.

Here we also provide a facility where you own choose your reviews texts, Means you decide the adject words for your product review, our contributor put the same on Amazon product review page.

Is Paid review help to grow business:

Yes, Definitely a big yes. As you know, forgot you know. Just imagine your self as a buyer on Amazon India. Now you are looking for a product. You just searched on Amazon now your required similar products list on your screen. Here suppose two products fulfill your requirements. Now you see product reviews, you usually go for good review product. Now here you see 2 sellers available on that product which you want to buy. Now What? definitely, go for low price. But wait if you found negative reviews on that seller account which has the low price for that product. Then you deny the low price and go for higher price because you want a geniune and good product as well.

Phonug will help you to manage good reviews on Amazon as well as bad reviews. Please contact us via this form OR send a mail at

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