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Neta App – Increase rating in genuine way – Paid Reviews As well


Hello users, if you are here then surely you know about the Neta App. This app provides all politicians ratings and reviews which is given by the general public of India. Here Indian citizens give the rating to their favorite politicians and also give video rating. This app too useful to check the popularity of any Indian politician.

As you know, If things have gone in the right way, then don’t need to worry. But what, if your opposite politician use paid reviews service on Neta app and get good ranking and reviews. In that case, you need to fight them through their way. Here we provide genuine good reviews on Neta App.

What is Review & Ratings on Neta App:

Thorugh the Neta App, Indian citizens easily choose their favorite politician and vote them online in the app. Citizens can also review their works and can also upload a video review which helps to get any politician popularity and we can also check there work performance rating which is provided by the general public. We can easily check which Neta is more popular in India as well as any constituency. Public video reviews help us to get work reviews and public happiness against with any particular politicians.

Neta App Paid Reviews working – Phonug Best online Review Company

What is Paid Review on Neta App and how it Works:

As you know everything is possible in the digital world. Some politician’s IT team handle their Neta App reviews and ratings. So if you see any politicians suddenly so popular on Neta App and he continuously gets good reviews then chances are high of paid reviews. Might be the politicians using paid review services or his team handling all reviews behind the wall.
Here we can say the paid review is harmful. Because through the help of paid reviews, the wrong politician increases his rating and make a good image in front of peoples.

Neta App Customer Care Contact Details with Email id

How to Stop/Handle Paid Reviews on Neta App:

If you think your favorite politician targeted on Neta app then you can complain to Neta App Admins. Neta App Helpline number is +91 87259 44001

You can also contact via Email –

Neta App Paid Review service:

If you are looking to buy paid reviews for Neta App then we can help you. Through the help of paid reviews, you can increase the popularity of your politician within his area as well as national level.  Here we provide basic ratings as well as videos reviews. Also, provide people’s vote in your favor. So if you are looking for Neta App paid reviews online service or searching for a company which helps you to increase your popularity (politician) in your constituency. Phonug have all-round solution for you.
We also provide bad reviews service which help you to damage opposition politician image in front of public.

Why Phonug For Neta App Paid Reviews

Why Phonug for Neta App paid reviews:

  • We have 40000+ members team across India.
  • Our team members are experts in the Review field because we work in App reviews, Amazon reviews, Flipkart reviews.
  • We have a prebuild CMS to maintain all these things properly.
  • We are one of the top Review agency in India.
  • Real-time monitoring service provides to the client.
  • 3+ Years experience in the review industry.

If you want to use our paid services Please call us at +91 89638 11371 OR Send an Email at

For basic users:

If you want to earn money via giving reviews on Neta App then please register us as a contributor on our website from here.

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