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PhonePe Users List to Get PhonePe Scratch Card Offer Cashback – Contact Exchange


PhonePe user list for cashbackHello Users, As you know PhonePe also start scratch card procedure. Here you get a scratch card up to Rs. 1000/- if you transfer money to another PhonePe user. Here your transaction should be minimum Rs. 100/-.  In Short, If you transfer Rs. 100/- to another PhonePe user then you get a scratch card. When you scratch this card then you may receive a reward which may be up to Rs. 1000/-.

As we all know Phonug not an offer telling website then why we tell you to offer details on our website Because now Phonug also offers contact exchange for money transfer. Here we can say, We provide all the buddies which required you to get your cash back from PhonePe.

In simple words, you ask your friend for a transaction and you complete your transaction with your friend and friend send money back. Now you go to another friend’s home and tell him to offer details and then you both complete these PhonePe transactions. Now you need more friends to get cash back but no one using PhonePe in your friend circle. In this case, we help you to via providing PhonePe buddies, which do the transactions with you.

So now don’t need to go for PhonePe WhatsApp groups for UPI exchange. Here we provide PhonePe users list so you can easily get cashback.

Steps to get PhonePe users list for cashback

How to Get A Buddy for PhonePe transaction:

To find a new buddy on Phonug for PhonePe transactions, You need to follow below steps

  1. Log in as a contributor from here. (If not registered then click here)
  2. Choose Offer Section from Contributor Menu.
  3. Now active offer list appear, Click on Participate Now Button 
  4. Send Rs. 100/- as Security money to our UPI handle 8963811371@kotak (Security money is refundable.)
  5. When you click on Participate Now Button, A pop window appear here you need to fill your details like Security money transaction id, screenshot, security money deposit date, your PhonePe id (xxxxxxxxxx@ybl), your preferred time for the transaction.
  6. Once you fill all these details then click on Update Security Money Details Button.
  7. Now your application goes to Phonug team, They verify your security money details and allow you.
  8. Once they allow, Your offer status changed to Active stage.
  9. Now you can find a buddy for the transactions. Click on Find My Buddy Now Button.
  10. Now we allot a buddy to you. Go to Need to Pay tab and check details.
  11. Once you paid to your buddy then update details via clicking on Update transaction details button.
  12. Now the receiver buddy confirms your amount and sends back your money in your PhonePe account.
  13. Once your buddy paid then you need to confirm received amount via Confirm Received Amount tab.
  14. Do step 9 to Step 13 for next buddy.
  15. Once you complete your transactions then apply for withdraw request. Now Phonug will return your money back.

So now you do unlimited Phonepe transactions free of cost. Now don’t need to find PhonePe WhatsApp groups for payment exchange. Here you can do transactions with many friends with Phonug security.

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