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Realme 2 Booking Details For 18 September 2018


Hello Contributors,  Here the Booking Details

Sale Date: 18 September 2018 (Tuesday) 12:00 PM

Product Name: Realme 2 (Both 32GB & 64GB variant required)

Product Colour: Any Colour

Commission Amount:

Realme 2 – 32 GB (Any Colour): Rs. 100/- per booking

Realme 2 – 64 GB (Any Colour): Rs. 80/- per booking

Order type: Cash on delivery (our address don’t need any OTP)

Site name: Only Flipkart

Booking Type: Only COD orders accepted by us.

Complete Address for booking:

Flipkart Address Details:

Name: Any Name + JBL
Area Name: Any your Choice
Colony: Any your Choice
Landmark– IBP Petrol Pump, Hansi Gate
City– Bhiwani
State– Haryana
Pincode– 127111 / 127020 / 127021 / 127025 / 127027 / 127031 / 127032 (Any one)
Mobile number: Use your own mobile number
** Please note JBL name must be in customer name like Arun Matang, Rahul Matang etc.

Address Sample:

Flipkart Address Sample:
Arun JBL
43, Shyam Colony, Mahsesh Nagar
Lanmark: IBP Petrol Pump, Hansi Gate
City- Bhiwani State- Haryana
Pincode - 127111 / 127020 / 127021 / 127025 / 127027 / 127031 / 127032 (Any one)
Mobile number - Your working mobile number

What to do after Booking:

Once you book the phone then please inform us immediately on our WhatsApp number +918963811371. That’s it.
After that, we only need a screenshot when your order delivered. Till then sit relax and enjoy your life.

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