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Screenshot Guide – Contributor Section Phonug

Hello contributors, As you know now we migrate our order processing system on our website. Now when you book a order on our given address then you don’t need to send a screenshot on our WhatsApp number. You can directly fill order details through the contributor panel.

Now you need to do some work on the contributor panel when you book for us.

  • Fill order details when you book the order
  • Upload shipping (tracking) details
  • Upload delivery details
  • Update payment details (So we transfer your payment)

Details For – Order placed screenshot:

When you successfully booked a phone for us then you need to upload these details (order id, product name, customer name, customer address etc) on Phonug website. Here we also need an order confirmation screenshot.

The screenshot which you upload just after the order placed must have a visible order id, customer name, customer address, and product details. You can send the desktop mode screenshot as well.

Details For – Order shipped Screenshot

Once your order shipped then you need to inform us through update shipping details on our website. Log in as the contributor and go to Step 2 – Update Shipping Details and now update shipping details. Here we want to know about the courier company and tracking id. So make sure the screenshot which you upload must have a visible tracking id.

Tracking id screenshot must have a visible tracking number and visible courier company name.

Details For – Delivery Confirmation Screenshot

This screenshot is very important for us. So please upload this delivery confirmation screenshot in required format else we cancel the screenshot and you need to upload again.

Basic info about delivery screenshot:

  • For Mi Store orders – Single long screenshot
  • For Flipkart Orders – Single desktop mode screenshot
  • For Amazon orders –  Need 2 screenshots (1. Delivery confirmation, 2. Long Order details Screenshot)

Please note, We need long screenshots for Mi Store and Amazon orders. So if your mobile doesn’t have a long screenshot function. Then don’t need to worry. We share a third party app so you can easily take a long screenshot in your Android mobile.

Click Here to Download Long screenshot App from Playstore

Mi Store Delivery Confirmation screenshot format

We need a single long screenshot after delivery. Here we share the required format for Mi store orders.

Click on this image to see the full view.

Mi Store Screenshot format

Make sure the screenshot which you upload for mi store orders must have the Delivery ID, Transport company name etc. We only accept the above format screenshot. Please open your mi account in chrome then take the long screenshot.

Long Screenshot app link

Flipkart Delivery Confirmation screenshot format:

Here we need a desktop mode screenshot. If you are using an Android mobile then don’t need any desktop.

Just open Google Chrome and from the menu (Right side top) choose Request Desktop Site option. Now Flipkart website open in desktop mode. Go to my orders, select your order and then take the screenshot.

Please note, tracking id not visible until you click on the shipped option. So first click on shipped option then tracking id appears on the screen. now take the screenshot. For more details please see below picture.

Click on this image to see full view

Required format for Flipkart

Make sure the screenshot which you upload on the site must have a tracking id visible.

Amazon Delivery Confirmation screenshot format:

If you placed an order on Amazon, then you need to upload 2 screenshots on delivery detail page at Phonug. Here one screenshot we need simple screenshot and one screenshot we need long screenshot.

First Normal Screenshot format:

Click on this image to see full view

Amazon Screenshot 1 Format

Make sure this screenshot have tracking id and delivered address.

Second Long Screenshot format for Amazon orders:

Click on this image to see full view

Amazon Screenshot 2 format

Here we need the second long screenshot from you.

Long Screenshot app link

** All required format shared with you. If you still upload the wrong screenshot then you need to reupload screenshot on our website. Without a proper screenshot, we can’t release your payment. So please have a look and upload screenshot in the required format.