What is Offer Section at Phonug

Many times you heard that PhonePe/Google Pay said, transfer money to 10 different peoples and you get cashback. Sometimes Paytm said that, Pay 10 merchants to get cashback. Here you notice all the companies want more than 5 transactions to give cashback.
Now the problem is how to arrange 10 friends which use there offer and get cashback. When you ask your friends for a transaction, they simply deny. But don't worry. Phonug here for you.
Phonug provides you all the buddy list which reqruire to get cashback on a particular offer. Just login as a contributor on our website. Now choose offers section from the contributor menu and here you see all the active offers appears on the screen. Now choose your offer and click on Participate now button under the action column.
Here you see an offer details page, Now you can Find a new buddy for the transaction. You can send money to alloted buddy. You can also see all your buddy transactions on this page.

How it Works

1. Submit Security Money & Apply for Offer

Log in as a contributor on Phonug. After that go to offers tab and find a relevant offer for you. Submit security money and participate in the offer.

2. Find Your Buddy For Transaction

Once you applied for the offer then go to offers list and select your offer. Now form the offer detail page click on Find My Buddy button. After that, we allot a buddy to you.

3. Complete Transaction with Buddy

Once buddy allotted, You need to transfer money to your buddy after that your buddy verify the transaction and send back your money then you verify the transaction.

4. Raise Withdraw Request & Take Security Money Back

Complete your required transactions with buddies then apply for withdraw request. After that we send back your security money in your account. T&C Apply*

Frequently Asked Questions (Offers Section FAQs)

Here we cover all possible questions which help you to understand the offer section working.
However, you can ask anything regarding offer section on our WhatsApp number +91 89638 11371.

We take security money for your safety. Suppose we allot a buddy to you and you transfer the money to your buddy. But now he doesn't send back then?
In this case, Security money helps us to manage things and we transfer buddy's security money in your account. For more details please email us at info@phonug.com or contact us here.
Once you complete your required transactions then apply for withdraw request. We process your withdraw application in 24 Hrs (Working hours).
When you go to offers section from contributor menu. Here all offers list appears with all details. When you click on offer title you get all terms of that particular offer which are running by various companies like PhonePe / Google Pay / PAytm / Freecharge etc.
Sometimes UPI transaction failed due to technical errors. In that case, If your money not debited then do a new transaction. If money debited and not credited in buddy account then you need to inform us on our WhatsApp number +91 89638 11371, We process your application and do the needful.
As you know - Free me kuch nahi milta dost. We take a small amount on every buddy allocation which depends on offers. For charges please visit offer details page.